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I’m Maria Larsson, a Swedish designer and illustrator. Starting out as a potter I’ve traveled a long and winding road to finally get to where I am today. It amazes me that I had to walk such a long way to end up where I actually once began; trying to make the world a more beautiful place designing everyday objects for everyday use. You can read more about me here, about my creative journey here, and my thoughts on the creative life throughout my blog.


DO illustration! is a surface design and illustration studio based in Stockholm.  Dot Oddity design studio is the crazy and creative corner where I create surface pattern design for a variety of markets. You might license already existing patterns or reach out to have a custom one made pattern for your exclusive needs. If you are a manufacturer in the fashion or textile industry, interior design world of wallpaper, tableware etc, or making stationary lines and packaging I would love to work with you! Just contact me on! If you’re looking for editorial, scientific illustration or related commissions you might want to head over to the illustration studio DO illustration! to see what I can offer.


Because beauty will save the world! Does it sound crazy? I’m convinced that beautiful things are essential to human beings. We cannot live without beauty. It is a basic need, as much as food or sleep. The world needs artists as much as doctors or teachers. If you want to know why this is my firm belief read more here!

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