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Jessica Swift

Some years ago I started dreaming of creating art and crafts again, but not the way I used to, which was mostly painting and pottery. No, I had discovered a new field – surface pattern design! Actually this was something I also did a lot as a potter, but now I really got obsessed about it, inspired by stunning, colourful textiles, secretly wishing I could make my own patterns too.

Jessica Swift Mariposa collection

Reading a lot about pattern design online, one of my favourite blogs was Jessica Swift‘s. My dream seemed to be but a wishful thought at the time though (more in THIS post) because I didn’t have a computer, nor the money to buy one or the remote knowledge to make a repeated pattern, manually or digitally. But taking the first step in the direction of your desired goal will make things happen wherever you start!!! I attended a course of making patterns manually thinking it would at least give me some basic knowledge. A month later something unbelievable happened – I got a MacBook Pro (!) through the generosity of my Swedish friend Anna, also living in Berlin. She was upgraded at work and decided to give me her old Mac with all the software of my dreams (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and more) already installed! This was a BIG turning point for me! Thank you, ANNA!

What happened next… just after receiving my first ever Mac, not finding ANY courses in digital pattern design that I could participate in, geographically, economically, or time wise, Jessica Swift launched her very first Pattern Camp, a success online boot camp for aspiring pattern designers! To sign up was the most important thing I’ve done so far, moving me a huge step closer to my goal! So in this very first post of 2016, I want you all to meet JESSICA SWIFT, a great artist and designer, who makes the world a more beautiful place, not only creating her own design, but sharing her knowledge inspiring others to create fantastic things of their own!

Jessica Swift wondergarden collection

Visiting Jessica’s blog is a vitamin injection bursting of colours, positive thinking, creative boosting and happy, vibrant design! She’s a self-taught artist and that’s one of the reasons why she is such an inspiration to all of us, showing that nothing but your passion matters when it comes to being a creative! Among her clients you’ll find TeNeues Publishing (new calendars 2016 HERE and HERE), Blend Fabrics (her latest textile collection, Affinity, was launched late august), Hallmark, Paperchase and many more… She also wrote several books that you’ll find on her webpage.

Jessica says her creative process always starts playing with colours, and who can doubt this, seeing her bold, colour popping designs! She loves to incorporate uplifting quotes in her pictures and if I would define Jessica in two words “positive energy” would be the first thing coming to my mind.

Lately we could find a new line of art prints for kids in her shop, due to the fact that little baby Swift just entered the family. After years of being a full-time artist and entrepreneur, working to meet countless deadlines, she will not plan ahead as much for 2016 and enjoy the life changing experience of being a mother! But I would say there might be reasons to expect more upcoming lovely designs for kids!


And I have some good news! Pattern Camp is coming back after the baby break, and the next one already takes place Jan 30-31 2016! You can register HERE if you want to kick-start the new year by learning how to create beautiful patterns! The course works for both beginners and more experienced students as you can participate both in the live weekend course and repeat it in your own pace afterwards. I had none experience whatsoever of Illustrator or Photoshop but decided to try anyway! Of course I couldn’t keep up with the tempo on that first weekend but with a few more weeks to practice I finally got the hang of it! In addition you will have access to a wonderful Facebook forum of Pattern Campers from all the previous courses where you can ask questions, exchange thoughts and share experiences.

I highly recommend this course – Jessica Swift is an excellent teacher and to her students she is a great coach, brimming of energy and positive support! I hope this have sparkled lots of inspiration for a creative 2016! I wish you all a Happy New Year 2016!


All copyrights of the pictures belong to the artist Jessica Swift

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    • dotoddity says:

      Thank you, Anna! Your MacBook and I spend a LOT of quality time together – a very happy relationship!!!

  1. How nice that you decided to share Jessica Swift with the world! As a Pattern Camp “alumnus” (I participated in the very first one), I can tell you the experience was fun, informative, non-initimidating, and life-transforming! All the best, and Happy Creating in 2016!

    • dotoddity says:

      Thank you, Joanne, I totally agree with you, Pattern Camp opened a lots of new horizons using digital software, especially for those of us that were not already graphic designers… Happy New year to you too!!!

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