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Cupcake by Lucile prache

Valentine’s Day is getting close so I thought this image would suit this Friday post! This illustrated recipe showed up by chance on a Google search when browsing pictures of delicious cakes a couple of years ago (I was translating food recipes for a food database at the time and needed to compare search terms). Something about the effortless brush strokes, the airy composition and light watercolour palette just got me right away! I had stumbled upon the characteristic food illustrations of Lucile Prache! Many of you might already know her since her beautiful artwork has been around for a while and she has grown a faithful audience for her skilful mastery of watercolours. If they remind you of Chinese calligraphy or Japanese Sumi-e (Japanese ink wash painting) you are absolutely right! She has been studying calligraphy, which she believes has loosened up her style and given her confidence in her brush technique. I adore her relaxed hand lettering where the words are allowed to spread unevenly and organically between the images! The way she renders vegetables is incredible and you can surely feel the Asian influence.

Born in Paris, Lucile discovered her passion for art already at age 15 during a screen printing workshop. After graduating from the Pennighen Art School in Paris, she becomes the co-founder of Klaxon Graphic Art Studio with Michel Maidenberg, and starts a solid carrier in fashion and advertising. After the birth of her two children, she leaves the studio to begin her freelance career. Lucile since then has worked with renowned brands and magazines as well as illustrated several books. Her pictures of vintage teacups and delicious macarons together with Paris imagery are also hugely popular and you can find gorgeous prints in her Etsy shop as well as lately on her own website.

One of the very first drawings I discovered was “Le Cake d’Amour” which I immediately pinned as an important inspiration piece. People are drawn to her soft yet vibrant colour palette and graceful brushwork. She once said in an interview that she wanted her drawings to remind of dancing – like the steps of a ballet dancer where years of hard practice is hidden under an apparently effortless movement and rhythm (my free quotation). And she would know what she’s talking about since she spent all her adolescence years at the ballet barre! Lucile’s food illustrations can be found on wall art, kitchen textiles and tableware to mention a few areas of design. Now check out her websiteFacebook and follow on Instagram to enjoy the world of food and fashion according to Lucile Prache!

Lemon Paris by Lucile Prache

All copyrights of the pictures belong to the artist Lucile Prache

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