STHLM by Maria Larsson

This is where I’ll be next week! I’m packing to go to Stockholm, my hometown! I could write so much about this city! I was born there and spent most of my life in this town. Not until I was abroad for longer times I realized how special this place is and how it has formed my perception of space and proportion. First of all, there’s water everywhere! This is what I missed the most in any place where I’ve spent time and I didn’t understand how special this was until I left. Stockholm is built on 14 islands that are united by 57 bridges! Many people can keep their boats in marinas located in the city and there are quays along the waters where you can fish salmon. The second thing that strikes me is the light! The light is almost tangible and milky in a special kind of way, as it would be a separate body that you can actually touch. Well, not in the long winter months when the most striking feature is the lack of light, but like now and during the summer months… It’s so different from the central of Europe. Thirdly, we don’t really have any high buildings, to the fury of our high tech loving architects that would be happy to tear down the Old Town and build  a Manhattan skyline (hello Gert Wingård!). Therefore I’m easily impressed on this department when abroad! But I’m happy to keep the old houses safe in Stockholm!

I hope to make a few things happen for Dot Oddity. I promise to tell you more when I know more!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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