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Happy New Year 2017 by Maria Larsson

Here we are – at the threshold of a new year. I think everyone of us share both fears and expectations every time we write January 1st in our calendars. For the lucky ones of us hopefully more expectations than fears, but for a lot many less fortunate a new struggle to survive another year will start. I apologize beginning my first blogpost of 2017 on such a solemn note. Yet the events we’ve seen in 2016 call for another approach than usual. I cannot recall any period during my lifetime when values we take for granted were under attack to such an extent! We like to believe that democracy, equality and justice are something that we all agree about and find to be the pillars of our society. That every generation will face a better world than the last. That the struggle of the pioneers of the 20th century to abolish inequality between men and women, rich or poor is bearing fruit for our children and grandchildren. That we’ve learned something from history and won’t make the same mistakes and commit the same cruelties again…

Unfortunately this is not what I see. I see history repeating itself, walls being erected instead of torn down, world leaders being elected shamelessly promoting segregation between genders, nationalities, and religions… I see governments being held hostage by right wing ultra nationalists and a perverted, violent agenda rise in country after country. And we, the timid believers of a God-given democracy and the equality of all men, Muslims, Jews or Christians, North Africans, Afro Americans, Bulgarians or Syrians, we who believe that a better world is a world where everyone has shelter and food, protection and justice, enough to survive and feed his children, are suddenly not the paradigm anymore. Or maybe we were not in a long time. It’s just that the last few years made it painfully clear.

So in my opinion the new year is the turning point where we have to unite in resistance to these bad influences by making the world a more beautiful place in whichever way we can! Fyodor Dostoyevsky said that “Beauty will save the world!” and I find this so true! Read more here to see exactly what I mean!

I believe that everyone of us are a part of this through our art and our actions! Let’s make 2017 our strongest year of good work, positive thoughts and compassionate actions so far!


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