new year new beginnings…

Life is a big adventure...

Half way into the first month of the year already!!! Time is flying and I really have to get serious about my resolutions… Still, January is a month when I try not to stress too much and enjoy the extended New Year period, tuning in with my inner voice to get grounded and confident with the choices to be made for the future.

My first goal this year was to do a remake of my website! It feels good to let the website transform along with me and keeps my inspiration on top! For new readers it will hopefully be easier to get to know me with a new introduction on the homepage!


The thing that started out as a blog- and design project called Dot Oddity last year developed into an illustration studio called DO illustration! This studio is now taking on more scientific illustration work for editorial clients. My goal is to have a separate portfolio site for this one up before long while the Dot Oddity corner will remain the showcase of my decorative designs for interiors, stationery and apparel! I really wish for more collaborations opening in this field in 2017!

I love writing this blog and when starting out I tried to post very regularly once a week. But getting more freelance illustration has made it difficult to stay scheduled with blog posts. One urgent consideration is how to manage a good flow here anyway! The aim is of course to still continue the blog steadily! I’m sure you know the feeling – there are too many no 1 priorities!!

Now, there’s another thing that needs to happen – squeezing more time in for hands-on illustration with ink and watercolours! I haven’t done this in ages as it seems and I really want to just sit and let my hand do the (th)inking for a while! Without noticing, the time with my sketchbook shrunk to almost nothing! And this is where it all starts, right?! To kickstart myself I bought new nibs and pen holders and started to practise hand lettering! There are tons and tons of inspiration out there and great courses to follow along so I’m really excited! But the beautiful new fonts on my page are made by Laura Worthington, my favourite lettering designer. Check out her gorgeous website! What are your goals and dreams 2017? Stay TRUE to whatever they are! If you’re a bit like me, an indecisive starter, here is a good read to get you started! Have a ball with your paints, camera or textile stash!






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