what happened with dot oddity lately…

It might look like I’ve been totally absent from prints and patterns for the last month, but as they say, less activity on the website doesn’t mean there is less creativity or work going on as a whole – on the contrary! – I’ve been busier than ever with so many projects I hardly had my nose over the water!

Most importantly, you will soon be able to buy Dot Oddity design for babies, toddlers and nurseries!!! I wanted this for a long time, but as you know from a previous post I’m not much of a maker when it comes to sewing! My head is brimming with ideas but I just can’t manufacture them by myself. So I finally decided to make a first collection available in a print-on-demand store online to start with, which means you will be able to purchase BIRDTOWN products for your little ones! You will find onesies, T-shirts, blankets, bibs, pillows and more… Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed!


I’m also creating a new portfolio page for DO Illustration! that will make it easier for editors and agents to overview my illustrations and find me under my studio name. I know, I said it before but now It is ALMOST done! Dot Oddity though will still stay the same and if you are interested in prints and patterns, ink and paper, colours and cupcakes, and meeting wonderful artists, please stick with me over here!

Aside the normal commissions I’ve also had the pleasure to take part in a great 10 weeks design challenge by the wonderful textile designer Nathalie Williamson, the founder of Rise Design and Shine! This made me work with new subject matter that I was really interested in exploring, such as food, stationery and maps which connected me to the great communities over at They Draw & Cook as well as They Draw & Travel. If this is something for you have a look at FolioFocus! I think the next one will start in September.

Last but not least, please like Dot Oddity on the new Facebook business page! There you’ll find the latest news about products and collections!

So this was a lot about me, now I would love to know what you’ve been up to! Let’s connect and share our creative road together! Say hello to Dot Oddity on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! Have a happy creative week!


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