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May has been a very busy month and I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and write even one blog post earlier… I’m absolutely not happy with this! When I started I had quite a lot of time on my hands but in the last couple of month courses, traveling and commission deadlines has taken the best part of me and the energy for preparing and writing the blog posts I used to do has been lacking. And do you know what? I miss that so much! I love writing! I need to find a way to balance the different parts of my life so I still can keep up doing all the different things I love, and blogging is one of those.

I’m sure this is a dilemma you all can relate to… Especially creatives tend to get so many ideas, wishes and visions they want to pull through so finally they might end up hitting a wall trying to manage everything. And social media doesn’t really make it easier, does it? At least not for a generation like mine, who adapted to this new way of connecting later in life. Would a tweet ever come natural for me? I doubt it:) Still I’m really happy with the way I can connect with people on social media – I found great communities there which are essential to me, mostly as an artist but also as a business owner. I readily admit how fond I am of the fantastic artists I follow on a day-to-day basis on Instagram for example. You are my big inspiration you all! You know who you are! Yet, this engagement take time. Blogging takes time. Client work take time. Accounting take time. Making new art take time (but should take MORE time!). Family and friends take time too, that is important and non-negotiable.

Brain by Maria Larsson

So in the end of the day the hours might not be enough for all the things you need to do… so a few things get put on a waiting list: the TO DO list. You know that one, right? If you are lucky you work through it in the following day(s) … But sometimes you just have to move a few “to do’s” forward into next week… and the next… now it’s starting to get out of hands.

And this is why this post is written in the very last hour of the month of May. It got pushed from one week into another until I finally sat down, determent to share my distress with you, rather than put it off until the next month! And I actually wanted to share some news to…

DO illustration! has finally a new portfolio site! I’m still not finished and more artwork will come, but one of the important things was to be able to show the medical illustrations we do for our clients that doesn’t belong on this site…

…and Dot Oddity has got a Facebook businesspage! Hop over and follow me! I wish you a great start on June! See you!




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