Maria Larsson for Uniqlo

To see my Circus pattern produced by Uniqlo for their fall -19 collection is a thrill to say the least. It has been hard keeping it a secret for so long but now when it hit the shelves online and in selected stores, I can finally share the good news! Last christmas I had a message from my japanese agent that Uniqlo was interested in this particular pattern and wanted to make a test run and some samples before deciding if they would go further with it… I had to approve every little change and was stuck to my computer during the Christmas days waiting for new sample pics to approve. As my agent told me, Christmas was not big in Japan! Was I nervous! Finally I got a greenlight that the prototypes would proceed to production and become a T-shirt in their UT 2019 collection under the brand of Scandinavian Pattern Collection (the name of the designer collective that is run by my agent) as well as loungewear RELACO pants.

I’m very happy for this extraordinary opportunity to work with one of my absolute favourite brands! I love the clean japanese aesthetics that you can see in much of their garments, but also the playful tweak of the UT collection where they collaborate with many different brands and designers. Did you know Uniqlo is recycling all their clothes through a cooperation with UNHCR and local NGONPO to give clothes to refugees? They collect used Uniqlo items from their customers and donate them. You just have to give your used Uniqlo garment back to your local Uniqlo store. Find out more on their webpage! 





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