I’m Maria Larsson, the founder of DO ILLUSTRATION! studio and it’s creative corner for colourful odd projects and ideas; DOT ODDITY. This is where you’ll find surface pattern design and illustrations for textiles, apparel, wallpaper, stationery and more. Do Illustration! also makes scientific illustrations for medical journals etc. Mostly you would find me in my studio drawing, making surface patterns or writing my blog. With a background as a potter I cannot resist plunging into crafty projects regularly (although I’m getting less and less time for this), be it clay, wool, textile or whatever happens to be close at hand. I believe that colours, art, craft and patterns have a profound impact in our lives. I draw my inspiration from Scandinavian Folklore, Swedish design of the 50’s, the magical worlds of children and the beautiful nature around Stockholm where I grew up.

All patterns and illustrations are available for licensing and I’m always happy to work with customized design or illustration projects! Don’t hesitate to contact me:




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