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what happened with dot oddity lately…

It might look like I’ve been totally absent from prints and patterns for the last month, but as they say, less activity on the website doesn’t mean there is less creativity or work going on as a whole – on the contrary! – I’ve been busier than ever with so many projects I hardly had …

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Hazel's Garden Dreams work

ideas for a new pattern

Actually I did some previous versions back in April but now I picked it up again, trying to spice the colourway somewhat. We’re having fabulous summer temperatures in Berlin and I guess that those who are lucky to have a garden still can enjoy it to the fullest! I have some extraordinary parks close by …

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Bee by Maria Larsson

friends in the balcony

I’m working and watching these little guys buzzing around my flower pots in the balcony… It’s so nice to see them foraging from flower to flower. The sound is so relaxing… Enjoy you too, wherever you are, and try to discover the everyday miracles going on just in front of us! Happy Thursday!

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Blueberry Wood collection by Maria Larsson

blueberry wood – a new pattern

This pattern idea comes from an old Swedish children’s song about a little guy who meets a bear one day when picking blueberries in the forest. He doesn’t understand enough to be frightened of the bear and the bear happily wants to share all the goodies in the basket! Here only the basket remains as …

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Grumpy Bear by Maria Larsson

grumpy bear from a new pattern

  Working on this pattern idea with bears – I’m illustrating all the different elements right now! This is partly from my main pattern and partly a blender print. Next step: to make a repeating tile and some adjustments to the colour palette… It’s always so thrilling to see how it will come together in the end! Happy Wednesday!

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