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I am happy and thrilled beyond everything I expected to announce the opening of this website and to write this very first blogpost! You, yes, YOU! are an important part of this creative adventure, because as much as I do this due to my love for drawing, making patterns, photographing, handlettering and writing, I wouldn’t do this here, on this page, if it wasn’t for the joy of SHARING. I am myself a big blog reader and you will see further on some of my absolute favorite blogs and artists being featured here. It never occurred to me until lately that I would ever write a blog myself, but starting to make my portfolio page this thought somewhat just wouldn’t leave me… And voilà – here it is and during the process of building this website (don’t underestimate your ability even though you wouldn’t describe yourself as a computer person…) I’ve fallen in love with this little home of Dot Oddity as I’ve seen her personality shine through, step by step.

So let’s explore what this will become together! Coming up is a lot of things that you will LOVE if you are addicted to arts and crafts, colours and cupcakes, ink and paper, and most of all the thrill of getting a sparkle of inspiration for your own awesome projects. Because this is what it is all about – sharing bits and pieces of your process that could be the starting point of a new idea for someone else!

So be prepared and off we go!

Blue bird-01

© maria larsson 2015



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