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The path of the artist is always a path of uncertainty and doubt. It is never clearly visible in front of you, you always have to guess a little and trust that the next step will bring you closer to your goal. You can’t follow the footsteps of somebody else, because each and every journey is unique depending on the different conditions where you set out to follow your vocation.

To follow your very own path is a scary journey, mostly without a map but with an inner compass to guide you when the trail seems invisible and you feel lost and off track. It might seem easier to follow the good advice from people who stayed within the secure infrastructure of well defined roads and visible freeways that leads you safely forward to the place everyone tells you to go. A place you were taught to desire and strive to reach, a goal of success and security. But this is not YOUR path. Life is not a secure business, even if that’s what we make believe following the routes of others that might seem to have succeeded. This is not the path that will take us to the place where great art is created, rare books are written, or unique music is born.

And then again, becoming a great artist is not important, the art is just the way of becoming truly YOURSELF, the one SINGULARITY in history that will ever emerge being YOU and nobody or anything else. Creation never repeats itself. Nothing similar to you will ever occur again. There are not two identical butterflies. And the art you bring into the world could not be created before you, nor will it be made after you. You are the one to bring forward your unique contribution, whatever it looks like, and this will only happen if you follow YOUR OWN PATH.



©maria larsson 2015

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