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Over the past week I had tons of fun creating a little gift for you! Something I thought I needed as well… Something to help me remember giving myself quality time for things I enjoy, or little treats – like a book I’ve wanted for some time, that drawing pad, or just an inexpensive seasonal flower bouquet…

I just can’t live without a calendar (and lately two calendars, as I’ve started an editorial calendar for this blog as well) and I’m addicted to pretty ones! Last year I had a gorgeous one by Carolyn Gavin from Ecojot. But do I put my own needs or wishes in those? No, they are filled with things I have to do, like work, doctor’s appointments, fixing the broken tap, remembering making calls etc. But where do I put the things that will make MY day? And where do I jot down the crazy projects I long to do, making space for them as well?

Writing stuff down, on lists, in notebooks or in a calendar often ensures things to get done! And if they are even attached to a certain day you might just prioritize a little extra to make it happen! So I’ve created a monthly planner for happy moments – meaning things that makes me thrilled – and odd projects! Put your dreams and daily wishes in a special calendar instead of all the “must-do’s”. Try to make time for YOUR favourite things daily, weekly, or a few times a month, and write it down  – it’s more likely to happen once you take your wishes seriously enough to put them on paper!

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Created with fonts and banners from Laura Worthington

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