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View from Accademiy Bridge Venice by Clare Caulfield
View from Accademia Bridge Venice by Clare Caulfield

Could it have been this one… or one of Paris… or was it that one of a busy street corner in New York?… I don’t know which one first caught my eye from this fantastic artist, but since then I’m in love with everything Clare Caulfield does! It’s impossible to describe the moment of recognition I had when seeing her images – they were somehow the perfect reflection of all I dreamt of being able to put down on a hotpressed Arches paper! But, alas, if there is something I just can’t do it is landscape painting, although I would love to. Especially after encountered this artist and printmaker!

Clare’s paintings are mesmerizing with their spontaneous pencil strokes and ethereal watercolour washes. Based in Saltaire, a World Heritage site in West Yorkshire, she produces both mixed-media paintings, original handmade prints, limited edition prints and handmade cards inspired by her travels all over the world. Her distinct style captures perfectly the vibrant pulse of the city, be it Paris, London, New York or Istanbul!

Boulangerie by Clare Caulfield
Boulangerie by Clare Caulfield
Le Consulat Paris by Clare Caulfield
Le Consulat Paris by Clare Caulfield
Café des Deux Moulins Paris by Clare CaulfieldCafe des Deux Moulins Paris by Clare Caulfield
Café des Deux Moulins Paris by Clare Caulfield

She also runs an Etsy shop where you can buy your favourite city print or you can head over to Folksy as well and find them there. All her handmade originals are produced at West Yorkshire Print Workshop and if you are lucky to live in the area you can attend her screen printing courses! For the rest of us we have to do with a visit to her excellent webpage where her work is beautifully displayed in different categories. I have honestly lost hours on that webpage, although I can’t see this time as “lost” – on the contrary I’ve found so much inspiration!

Recently she has been featured in two major books from the German publishing house teNeues: “Everyone loves Paris” and “Everyone loves New York“, the latter even as the cover artist.

When I started this blog I had a shortlist (less than ten) of artists that I knew I would love to feature and Clare is one of them! They are all very different in style but each one triggered something special in me when I first discovered them, something that gave me completely new perspectives on art and illustration. This had a direct influence on my decision to start drawing and designing again and as a result I also created this blog.

Now don’t miss Clare’s webpage and you can also follow her on Twitter to get the very latest news from her creative corner!

Istanbul Trolley by Clare Caulfield
Istanbul Trolley by Clare Caulfield

All copyrights of the pictures belong to the artist Clare Caulfield

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