why everyone should be a lucia


Today is one of the most loved holidays of the year in Sweden – Saint Lucia! A huge tradition where young people dress in white and sing traditional songs (read more in this post, and get your hands on the recipe of traditional Lucia bread!). Most importantly, one person is chosen to take the part of Saint Lucia wearing a crown of candles. This was always considered an honour and a young girl with long, blond hair was mostly picked for this part (although the original Lucia came from medieval Italy and was probably dark and not blond!). Nowadays a broad minded and updated attitude likes to see different Lucias, blond or dark, boy or girl, every kind is ok and that makes our children happy! Or at least I thought Sweden was a broad minded community until Åhléns, the big department store, put a little gorgeous, coloured boy as a Lucia in their commercial and a storm of racist hate campaigns swept through social media channels in Sweden! Unreasonable hate towards a defenceless little child!!! How UGLY is this!! So today I share this awesome illustration by Marie-Anne Alinder to voice my conviction that everyone is equal, no matter gender, nationality, religious beliefs or colour of the skin! This is what true Christmas is about! I support the #jagärhär #jagärlucia campaigns that started as a reaction against the darkness spread in our society by racists of every kind! Saint Lucia is the carrier of light into a season of darkness so let’s put this crown of light on our heads, all of us, through our actions by defending our children’s equal rights!

Published by the courtesy of the artist Marie-Anne Alinder who owns the exclusive copyright of the image!

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