happy new year 2018

Watching the sun set over the rooftops of Paris when the year passes over into 2018 is a dream coming true. I always wanted to live in this magical city and finally we managed to find a tiny little studio, just big enough for two people, on the sixth floor in an archetypal Parisian building. As you might have noticed, I’ve been very silent on the blog lately and this is the main reason why! Time just wouldn’t allow for anything extra except working and planning the new work space.  I’ve tried to keep posting updates on Instagram though, and there you could also see the first pics from my new studio.  But if you missed it here it is!

Exploring the surroundings of my new venue I found it to be just the way I imagined! Paris lives up to her reputation offering cute little bakeries, overwhelming food markets, excellent wine sellers, bookstores that will keep you for hours, flea markets, museums and more, just outside my doorstep. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen from this studio setup!

I hope you as well have thrilling plans and inspiring challenges waiting for you on the threshold of the new year! I have made myself a solemn promise to be more out and about in 2018, as I tend to hide in the studio with my work far too much! What are your goals for the upcoming year?

Happy New Year 2018 – whatever you wish for, go and get it!



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