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Little dresses by Maria Larsson

why you shouldn’t like pretty things – and why we do

Art? Craft? What’s the difference? My professor of design in art school used to say, somewhat jokingly, that a teapot is a craft object until you put a cork in the spout – then it suddenly becomes a piece of art… I always found that very interesting. There are so many hierarchies in the world …

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two questions you should ask yourself as an artist

What do you love? What makes you want to play? Take a minute to think about that. Maybe ask yourself what makes you stop and watch something as for the very first time? When do you see the colours more vivid, notice the details crisper, and being more mindful about the presence? What are those simple things that make …

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how to start rowing a boat before finding a pair of oars

There’s a famous traditional song that everyone learn already as a child in Sweden. The lyrics go like this: “Who can sail without the wind? Who can row without oars? Who can leave behind a friend, without just one tear to pour? I can sail without the wind, I can row without oars, but I …

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Colourful pencils

dot oddity is here!

I am happy and thrilled beyond everything I expected to announce the opening of this website and to write this very first blogpost! You, yes, YOU! are an important part of this creative adventure, because as much as I do this due to my love for drawing, making patterns, photographing, handlettering and writing, I wouldn’t do this here, …

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